1st International Symposium: Immune Evasion in Malignant & Chronic Infectious Diseases


21. – 23. November 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

From November 21 -23 the 1st International Symposium: Immune Evasion in Malignant & Chronic Infectious Diseases organised by the Collaborative Research Center 1292 took place in Deidesheim. The central aim of the CRC is to perform an unprecedented comparative analysis of the various immune evasion mechanisms in cancers and in chronic infections to obtain a detailed map of common and disease-specific immune escape checkpoints.


In our 1st International Symposium we could show the most recent and promising results of the consortium. In addition, we were pleased to present outstanding international experts relevant to our research area. To prepare our consortium for the next funding period we also invited scientists from Mainz to present their current research and to give an outlook of potential interactions with the CRC. Furthermore, our young scientists got the opportunity to illustrate their current results in a poster session.

Thank you for participating in the meeting.

Best regards

The organisation Committee:

Hansjörg Schild, Tobias Bopp, Simone Fulda, Matthias Theobald, Ugur Sahin, Ari Waisman,
Niels Lemmermann & the CRC1292 IRTG.

Impressionen: https://crc1292.uni-mainz.de/impressions-1st-international-symposium-immune-evasion-in-malignant-chronic-infectious-diseases/


Vielen Dank an die Mitarbeiter des

Ketschauer Hof, Ketschauerhofstraße 1,
D-67146 Deidesheim
für den tollen Service, das leckere Essen und die ideale Unterstützung in allen Belangen.

Folgende Referenten nahmen teil: 

Vincenzo Bronte, University of Verona, IT
Laurent Brossay, Brown University, Providence, USA
Ulf Dittmer, Universität Essen-Duisburg, DE
Bo Huang
, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, CN
Michael Kühn, UMC Mainz, DE
Yang Li, HZI, Hannover, DE
Jacques Pouyssegur, CNRS-Inserm, Nice, FR
Özlem Türeci, Mainz, DE


Weiterführende Informationen

Poster: https://sfb1292.uni-mainz.de/files/2019/09/PosterSFB1292Symposium.pdf

Flyer mit Programm: https://sfb1292.uni-mainz.de/files/2019/11/Flyer.pdf